Snorelax is an alarm app that wakes you up earlier if there are any delays on your route!

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Never be late again!

Snorelax relies on both historical and real-time data to help you zip into the office more reliably.

Route insights!

Get instant insights on your route to make better decisions before leaving.

Search traffic jams

Want to know what traffic jams there are in any area? Snorelax got you covered, we have access to worldwide traffic data.

More about Snorelax..

Traffic data
Snorelax uses historical/Realtime data to calculate your travel time. This is based on real customer driving experience from millions of users.
Snorelax also offers you realtime weather information and a four day weather forecast. So you don't need another app for that.
Add your favorite and get access to real time insights on your route!

Snorelax! Never be late again.

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